Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholders are equal, valued partners in our operations. HRM is fully transparent, and we support this value by holding weekly stakeholder meetings to provide operational updates and maintain corporate awareness. We know we are stronger together, and robust stakeholder communication and engagement is key to maintaining that strength.

HRM’s work is centered around collaboration. We are true partners in HRM’s business process. It’s rare, it’s appreciated, and it is a key part of their long-standing and continuing success.
Guy Evangelista, Senior Vice President, BOK Financial

Strategic Cybersecurity and Risk Mitigation

Addressing cyber risk takes precedence at HRM. We work ahead of the curve on protecting our human resources, data privacy, and assessing potential risks to identify areas for improvement. IT audits are performed monthly and HRM holds regularly scheduled cybersecurity training for office and field staff. By remaining vigilant to our cybersecurity policies and managing our systems and technology, we provide a secure IT environment and reassurance to our stakeholders that data and financial information is safe and secure.

The level of involvement we bring to our work is unique within our industry. Our team, including our stakeholders, meets weekly to discuss any and all company developments.
Roger Hutson, HRM President and CEO
Roger Hutson, HRM President and CEO

HRM is built on transparency and trust. We create value for our stakeholders through our commitment to sustainability and collaborative business practices.

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